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Turbovac 950 iX, 200 ISO-K
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TURBOVAC with integrated frequency converter and vacuum system controller

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Product Description

Turbovac i/iX – SKU -840091V3300-Turbovac 950 iX, 200 ISO-K

Turbomolecular vacuum pumps (TURBOVAC) are utilized in applications that demand a clean high or ultrahigh vacuum, such as research, development, and industry like semiconductors, analytical instrumentation, and coating technology.

Technical Features

  • Integrated electronic drive unit with 24/48 V DC supply.
  • Best-in-class pumping speed and compression ratio, especially for light gases.
  • Vacuum port design flexibility
  • Installation in any orientation
  • Superior reliability due to innovative pump and bearing design
  • Maintenance-free hybrid mechanical TMP
  • There is no need for oil changes.
  • On-site maintenance possibility (bearing exchange) to reduce service costs and time.
  • The most comprehensive range of interface options (USB, RS 485 and 15-pin digital I/O as standard)
  • Optimized size/performance ratio on 63, 100, 160 and 200 flanges
  • Flexible accessory program options for easy plug & play.
  • Flexibility to match different processes and application requirements.
  • An integrated vacuum system controller with flexible interfaces and several accessory ports controls cooling units, valves, gauges, vacuum pumps, etc.

Additional Information

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840091V3300, 840111V3300

Inlet Connection

200 ISO-K, 200 CF

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Technical Data Turbovac 950 iX, 200 ISO-K Turbovac 950 iX, 200 CF
Part Number 840091V3300 840111V3300
High-vacuum connection 200 ISO-K 200 CF
Forevacuum connection 25 KF 25 KF
Units DN DN
Pumping speed N2 900 l/s 900 l/s
Ar 840 l/s 840 l/s
He 925 l/s 925 l/s
H2 770 l/s 770 l/s
Gas throughput N2 14 mbar*l/s 14 mbar*l/s
Ar 3.5 mbar*l/s 3.5 mbar*l/s
He 20 mbar*l/s 20 mbar*l/s
H2 20 mbar*l/s 20 mbar*l/s
Compression ratio N2 1×1011 1×1011
Ar 1×1011 1×1011
He 1×108 1×108
H2 4×106 4×106
Ultimate Pressure <1x10-8 mbar <3x10-10mbar
Max. permissable forevacuum pressure for N2 15 mbar 15 mbar
Operating speed 49200 min-1 49200 min-1
Run-up time, approx. 2.5 minutes 2.5 minutes
Max. power consumption 500 W 500 W
Power consumption at ultimate pressure 40 W 40 W
Cooling standard Convection Convection
Cooling optional Air or water Air or water
Maximum bake-out temperature of the CF version, water cooled 100 °C 100 °C
Purge Gas connection G 1/8″ G 1/8″
Venting Connection G 1/8″ G 1/8″
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