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Turbovac 90 iX, 63 ISO-K
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Turbomolecular Pumps with Hybrid Rotor Suspension with integrated Frequency Converter and integrated Vacuum System Controller

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Turbovac iX – SKU -810031V3300 -Turbovac 90 iX, 63 ISO-K

Turbomolecular vacuum pumps (TURBOVAC) are utilized in applications that demand a clean high or ultrahigh vacuum, such as research, development, and industry like semiconductors, analytical instrumentation, and coating technology.


  • Pumping speed up to 1.450 l/s
  • Oil-free hybrid bearings (mechanical/permanent magnetic)
  • Installation in any orientation
  • Integrated electronics, including a variety of options for communication and control of accessory components
  • TURBO.CONTROL i display unit (optionally as rack version or benchtop unit) to control and monitor the pump, including connection facility for two pressure gauges available as an accessory.
Technical Data Turbovac 90 iX, 63 ISO-K Turbovac 90 iX, 63 CF
High-vacuum connection 63 ISO-K 63 CF
Forevacuum connection 16 KF 16 KF
Units DN DN
Pumping speed N2 90 l/s 90 l/s
Ar 83 l/s 83 l/s
He 90 l/s 90 l/s
H2 78 l/s 78 l/s
Gas throughput N2 10 mbar*l/s 10 mbar*l/s
Ar 3 mbar*l/s 3 mbar*l/s
He 11 mbar*l/s 11 mbar*l/s
H2 11 mbar*l/s 11 mbar*l/s
Compression ratio N2 1×1011 1×1011
Ar 1×1011 1×1011
H2 5×107 5×107
Ultimate Pressure <8x10-8 mbar <5x10-10 mbar
Max. permissable forevacuum pressure for N2 14 mbar 14 mbar
Operating speed 72000 min-1 72000 min-1
Run-up time, approx. 1.5 minutes 1.5 minutes
Max. power consumption 240 W 240 W
Power consumption at ultimate pressure 7 W 7 W
Cooling standard Convection Convection
Cooling optional Air or water Air or water
Maximum bake-out temperature of the CF version, water cooled 100 °C 100 °C
Purge Gas connection G 1/8″ G 1/8″
Venting Connection G 1/8″ G 1/8″

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810041V1000, 810031V3300

Inlet Connection

63 CF, 63 ISO-K

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