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THERMOVAC Transmitter Pirani Gauges from the TTR RN series uses thermal conductivity to determine the rate of heat loss from a heated filament based on the gas pressure (around the filament


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Product Description

Accessories: SKU -21L1011100 -THERMOVAC TTR 91 RN

Product Characteristics

  • Robust filament technology with extended range option offers performance and reliability
  • LED light ring indication offers local display of pressure region away from any controller/control system
  • compact size enables the user to reduce the overall size of a system
  • Flexible output choice makes it easy to sync with existing systems


  • Industrial applications from glass coating to industrial furnaces
  • Power generation from battery cell to transformer manufacture
  • Research and development
  • Analytical instruments
Technical Data TTR 91 RN/TTR 911 RN
Measurement range Atmosphere to 5e-4 mbar
(Atmosphere to 3.75e-4 torr)
Accuracy (mbar) Atmosphere to 100 +-50%
100 to 1e-3 +-15%
1e-3 to 5e-4 +-50%
Repeatability 2% of reading between 100 and 1e-3 mbar
Supply voltage (V d.c.) 15 to 48
Electrical connection RJ45/9 Pin D-sub
Analogue output (21L***1***) 0-10 V
Serial output (21L***5***/21L***0***) RS232 or RS485
Set point 0, 1, or 2 depending on model
Range 0.8 to 10.2 V
Relay contact rating 48V dc max, 500mA
Status indicators 360 Bright LED ring
Max cable length (m) 100
Over pressure limit (bar) 10
Operating temperature range (°C) 5 to 60
Storage temperature (°C) -30 to 70
Max bake out (electronics removed) 150
Max relative humidity 80% RH up to 31°C decreasing linearly
to 50% RH at 40°C and above
Materials exposed to vacuum Tungsten/Rhenium, Stainless steel 316L and 304L, Glass, Ni, NiFe, Stainless steel 302S26
Dead volume (CM^3) 3.3
Protection class 40
Certifications CE, UKCA
Compatible controllers DISPLAY, GRAPHIX,

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21L1011100, 21L1211100

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