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Two-Stage Rotary Vane Pump


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Trivac T- SKU – 31236TETRIVAC D4T

The TRIVAC T pumps are two-stage rotary vane pumps that use oil for sealing. The type designation number (4, 8, 16, or 30) indicates the pumping speed in m^3/h. These pumps can effectively remove gases and vapours and create a medium vacuum in containers or systems. However, please note that the standard versions of these pumps are unsuitable for pumping dangerous gases or particularly aggressive or corrosive media. Moreover, they should not be used to pump oxygen concentrations higher than those in the atmosphere.

Technical Specifications

Nominal pumping speed (m^3/h) 6.4
Nominal pumping speed (cfm) 3.8
Pumping speed (m^3/h) 5.9
Pumping speed (cfm) 3.5
Ultimate total pressure
without gas ballast (mbar)
5 X 10^-3
Ultimate total pressure
without gas ballast (torr)
3.75 X 10^-3
Ultimate total pressure
with gas ballast (mbar)
2 X 10^-2
Ultimate total pressure
with gas ballast (torr)
1.5 x 10^-2
Water vapor tolerance (mbar) 15
Water vapor tolerance (torr) 11.25
Water vapor capacity g/h 55.00
Oil filling, min. / max. l 0.6/0.9
Noise level without / with gas ballast dB(A) 56/58
Admissible ambient temperature °C +12 to +45
Admissible ambient temperature °F +54 to +113
Motor rating kW 0.4
Motor rating HP 0.54
Voltage 1~ WR 50/60Hz LVO 130
Flanges Inlet and Exhaust DN 16 KF

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31236TE, 31241TE25, 31251TE

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