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Single-Stage Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pump


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Sogevac SV630B-SV750B : SKU – 960867 -SOGEVAC SV 630 BF

SOGEVAC pumps are oil-sealed rotary vane pumps that use oil for sealing, lubrication, and cooling. The oil is filtered and recycled from the reservoir to maintain its quality. These pumps are designed to operate continuously at high intake pressures, up to a maximum of 1000 mbar abs, which makes them suitable for various tough vacuum applications (some pumps may require additional accessories). Before the process gas is released into the environment, it goes through integrated exhaust filters that retain fine oil mist. The oil carried by the process gas is roughly separated in the oil box before it reaches the exhaust filters. The filtered oil is collected in the oil box and refilled into the pump. SOGEVAC vacuum pumps are known for their minimal power consumption, typically 15% less than comparable pumps.



  • Vacuum coating
  • Research and development
  • Lamps and tube manufacture
  • Automotive industry
  • Space simulation
  • Environment engineering
  • Cooling and air-conditioning
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Freeze drying systems
  • Backing pump for high vacuum pump systems
  • Food industry
  • Power engineering / District heating
  • Cleaning Packaging

Technical Data

Pump SV630BF 60Hz (Water Cooled)
Nominal pumping speed (m^3/h) 840
Nominal pumping speed (cfm) 494.4
Pumping speed (m^3/h) 755
Pumping speed (cfm) 444.4
Ultimate total pressure
without gas ballast (mbar)
< 8 x 10^-2
Ultimate total pressure
without gas ballast (torr)
< 6 x 10^-2
Ultimate total pressure
with standard gas ballast (mbar)
< 0.7
Ultimate total pressure
with standard gas ballast (torr)
< 0.5
Water vapor tolerance (mbar) 50
Water vapor capacity
with standard gas ballast (kg/h)
Oil capacity (liters) 20 / 23
Noise level dB(A) 75
Admissible ambient temperature °C 10 to 50
Admissible ambient temperature °F 50 to 122
Motor power (kW) 17
Motor power (HP) 22.80
Nominal speed min-1 (rpm) 1000.00
Type of protection IP 55-F
Weight (with oil filling) (lbs) 1678.00
Connection Inlet and Exhaust G or NPT DIN 160
Roots adapter 100 ISO-K
Mains voltage and
frequency 3 ~ motor
460 V
Water quality TH 4 to 8
Temperature protection Pump
Motor PTC
Cooling water
Thermostatic valve yes
Water pressure, min. / max. bar (psig) 2/8 (29/114)

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