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SCREWLINE Screw Vacuum Pumps are designed for industrial applications. The pumps’ unique design makes them dependable, portable, and low maintenance.


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Technical Data

Max. pumping speed (m^3/hr) 630
Max. pumping speed (cfm) 371
Ultimate pressure without gas ballast (mbar) ≤ 0.01
Ultimate pressure without gas ballast (torr) ≤ 7.5 x 10^-3
Water vapor tolerance (with gas ballast) (mbar) 40
Water vapor tolerance (with gas ballast) (torr) 30
water vapor capacity (with gas ballst) (kg/h) 14
water vapor capacity (with gas ballst) (gal/h) 3.7
Noise level with silencer, at ultimate pressure dB(A) 72
Mains voltage 50/60 Hz (V) 230/460
Rated power 50/60 Hz (kW) 15
Rated power 50/60 Hz (HP) 20
Power consumption at ultimate pressure (kW) 11
Intake connection EN 1092-2 – PN 6 – DN 100
Discharge flange EN 1092-2 – PN 6 – DN 100
Cooling Air
Permissible ambient temperature (°C) 10 to 40
Permissible ambient temperature (°F) 50 to 104
Bearing lubricant LVO 210 synthetic oil
Protection class IP55
Weight, approx. (lbs) 1166
Dimensions (W x D x H) (inches) 64 x 26 x 35
Hermetically Sealed No
Max. installation height up to 3000 m above sea level

Principle of Operation
Screw vacuum pumps are a type of dry compressing backing pumps that operate using the screw concept. These pumps consist of two synchronized positive displacement rotors and a housing that encompasses them, forming the pumping chamber. The rotors rotate in opposite directions, creating a smooth pumping action that moves steadily from the intake to the exhaust side of the pumps. This single rotor pair allows for a multi-stage compression process, significantly reducing the number of components in the pumping path and simplifying maintenance and servicing work.


  • Industrial furnaces
  • Coating technology
  • Load lock chambers
  • Metallurgical systems
  • Food processing
  • Drying processes
  • Degassing
  • Research and development
  • Lamps and tube manufacture
  • Automotive industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Space simulation
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy research


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