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Neo D 16 is a two-stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. Integrated functional parts include an anti-suckback valve, gas ballast valve, exhaust filter, oil return circuit, and oil cooling oil. A directly flanged motor drives the pumps.


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Product Description

SOGEVAC NEO 16/25 D – SKU – 970100V – NEO D16

These pumps inject oil into the pump chamber to ensure that they are sealed, lubricated, and cooled before being recycled from the reservoir and filtered. The lubricating mechanism allows for continuous operation, even at high intake pressures of up to 1000 mbar abs., which makes the NEO D pumps capable of pumping from the atmosphere to the ultimate pressure. The oil carried by the process gas is roughly separated in the oil box before further separating in the integrated exhaust filters. These filters catch the fine oil mist and ensure the working environment is 1000 times cleaner than competing pumps lacking this technology. This is achieved by lowering exhaust emissions and eliminating oil mist (≤1 ppm).


  • Research and development
  • Sterilization
  • Freeze drying systems
  • Chemistry/pharmaceuticals
  • Analytical engineering
  • Cooling and air-conditioning
  • Medicine technology
  • Glove boxes
  • Backing pump for high vacuum pump systems
  • Leak testing
  • Resin degassing/composites

Technical Data

Nominal pumping speed (m^3/h) 23
Nominal pumping speed (cfm) 13.54
Pumping speed (m^3/h) 19
Pumping speed (cfm) 11.2
Ultimate total pressure
without gas ballast (mbar)
<  8 x 10^-3
Ultimate total pressure
without gas ballast (torr)
<  6 x 10^-3
Ultimate total pressure
with gas ballast (mbar)
<  1 x 10^-1
Ultimate total pressure
with gas ballast (torr)
<  0.75 x 10^-1
Water vapor tolerance (mbar) 10
Water vapor tolerance (torr) 7.5
Oil capacity l 1.5
Oil capacity qt 1.59
Noise level dB(A) 55
single-phase motor kW 0.9
single-phase motor hp 1.22
Flanges, DN 25 ISO-KF
Voltage 1~ 230V, requires C14 socket cable

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970100V, 970102V, 970103V

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