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LVO540 20 Liter

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LVO540 20 Liter
Oil type: Pump fluid based on hydrocarbons


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Product Description

Service Parts and Oil – SKU -L54020 -LEYBONOL LVO 540 – LVO540 20 Liter

The fluids used in oil diffusion pumps must meet specific requirements. They should have a low vapour pressure at room temperature and resist oxidation and thermal degradation. The fluids’ surface tension should be high to prevent oil films from spreading. They should also have low evaporation heat, a high flash point, and be chemically inert. Additionally, they must be affordable and support high pumping speeds across a wide pressure range.


  • High thermal stability and excellent resistance against oxidation and decomposition


  • For oil vapour jet pumps

Used in the pumps of series

  • OB

Technical Data

Vapor pressure at 20 °C (68 °F) mbar 6 x 10-6
Flash point °C 196 (385)
Density at 20 °C (68 °F) kg/m3 885
Elastomer compatibility
FKM (FPM, Viton) Suited
NBR (Perbunan) 1) Suited
EPDM Unsuitable

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L54020, L54099

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20 Liter, 205 Liter

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