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LVO330 1 Liter

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LVO310 1 Liter
Synthetic Oil (PAO with additives)


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Service Parts and Oil – SKU -L33001-LEYBONOL LVO 330 -LVO330 1 Liter

Polyalphaolefin oil is a type of synthetic hydrocarbon with a uniform structure that resembles paraffin. This oil is superior to mineral oil in terms of thermal and chemical resistance. It is also well-suited for use in low temperatures because of its good flow properties when cold. It offers the same level of elastomer compatibility and hydrolysis resistance compared to mineral oil.


  • Excellent wear protection e.g. bearings
  • High thermal and oxidative stability


  • Suitable for high-temperature applications.
  • Pumping of air, chemically inert gases and water vapour.

Used in the pumps of series

  • RUVAC 40,000
ISO viscosity grade 150
Viscosity at 40 °C (104 °F) mm^2/s 150
Flash point °C (°F) 232 (449.6)
Density at 15 °C (59 °F) kg/m^3 856 kg/m^3
Pour point °C (°F) -54°C (-65.2°F)
Elastomer compatibility
FKM (FPM, Viton) Suited
NBR (Perbunan Conditionally suited
EPDM Unsuitable

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L21101, L21120

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1 Liter, 20 Liter

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