Inlet connection: DN 63 ISO-K
Pumping speed: 460 m3/h
Ultimate pressure: < 0.01 mbar




DRYVAC DV 500 380-480V , 50/60Hz

Dry compressing screw vacuum pump


Hermetically sealed screw vacuum pump with integrated frequency converter
Simple mechanical and electrical integration
Integrated protection functions through temperature, exhaust pressure and power consumption monitoring
Small footprint due to compact design
Low energy consumption through optimized rotor geometryand innovative motor design with efficiency class IE3
Insensitive to dust
High pumping speed also at high intake pressures

Technical data:

Nominal pumping speed: 500 m3/h
Max. eff. pumping speed: 460 m3/h
Ultimatepressure (w/o purge): 1 x 10-2 mbar
Integral leak rate: 1 x 10-4 mbar l/s
Weight: 490 kg approx.
Noise level at ultimate pressurewith silencer or connected rigid exhaustline: 65 dB(A)
Connection flange, intake side: DN 63 ISO K
Connection flange, dischargeside: DN 63 ISO K
Electrical connection: 380-460 V / 50/60 Hz
Electrical capacity rating: 11 kW
Electrical power consumption at p < 5 mbar: 4,4 kW Pump dimensions [mm]: 1240 x 612 x 478 Cooling: water Cooling water consumption, nominal: max. 8 l/min Water pressure min/max: 2/7 barg (bar gauge) Cooling water admission temperature: 5 - 35 °C Shaft seal purge gas (always): 6 SLM Purge gas supply pressure: 4 - 16 barg (bar gauge) Oil filling motor/gear side: 1.0 l (ester oil) Permissible ambient temperature: 5 - 50 °C Protection class EN 60529: IP54Monitoring:Pressure switch on exhaust side (1.2 bar abs.) Temperature pump housing Temperature motor Current limits through frequency converterEquipment:Integrated frequency converter Electro pneumatic gas ballast valve 24 VDC Purge gas valve 24 VDCMedia supply:Electrical supply: terminal board Communication: I/O 15 subD , RS485 9 subD Cooling water supply: 2 x G 1/2 inch. (female) Purge gas connection: D10 plug-in connectionSupplied equipment:DRYVAC of the design as detailed above Operating medium (already filled in)Accessories (available separately):119002 Silencer 112003A14 Spring loaded disc check valve 63 ISO K 112003A03 Roots adapter for WS(U) 501/WH 700 112003A04 Roots adapter for WS(U) 1001 112003A05 Roots adapter for WS(U) 2001 112003A07 Roots Adapter WH 2500 onto DV 500 112003A10 Roots Adapter WH 4400/7000 onto DV 500


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